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Competition and sports provide an incredible opportunity for personal growth in so many areas.


Our counselling supports at Nooma Sports are grounded in evidence-based practice, drawing from sports psychology, human performance research, and the latest from the science of health and wellness. 

Understanding and building the skills and knowledge that allow top performers to succeed will help young athletes in sports, but also in life. 

Counselling and consultation are available for individuals or groups / teams. 

A typical counselling session or consultative conversation will review themes and topics including:

  • Purposeful goal-setting

  • Positive, healthy habits

  • The importance of routine

  • Foundational principles of mental health

  • Foundational principles of physical health and well-being 

  • Rethinking stress - rising to the challenge

  • Peak performance

  • True grit / resilience

  • Mindfulness and sports

  • Personal success

  • Team success

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Opportunities for growth

Also, our Director, Marcus Reed, is happy to present group sessions and workshops for your team. Because the focus is on peak performance, grit and overcoming challenges, this training is valuable for a variety of team and individual sports. 

Please call today to explore options for your athlete or team.

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