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At Nooma, my focus is on supporting children, youth, young adults and parents. I am accepting clients for both counselling and assessment. Call today at (780) 901-2312 or use this link to book a free consultation. 

Marcus Reed
Director, Nooma Psychology

My priority and passion is supporting the mental health and well-being of children, youth, and young adults.  To do this, I offer counselling (children, youth, young adults), assessment (children and youth), as well as counselling for parents. 

I believe that by working together we can find next steps towards a better future. Change is possible. Using evidence-based practices, tailored to your situation and needs, we will work to discover paths to a life that is healthier and more hopeful. 

Stream and mountains

Our Services



Our evidence-based approaches to counselling support you as your find your next steps to health and well-being. 

Counselling services at Nooma specialize in working with children & youth (ages 8 - 17), young adults, and parents. 

Call today, or fill in this online form, for a free consultation. 



Is your child struggling to learn in school? Unsure if challenges with attention or focus are preventing your child from reaching their full potential? Is behaviour a concern? 

Psychological assessment can help to clarify your child or youth's learning and behavioural profile and help determine next steps to help them find success at school and in life. 


Support for Parents

Parenting is hard work, and parents face challenges now that are new and can feel overwhelming. 


Our focus at Nooma is to support parents through the ups and down that come with parenting or co-parenting. 

A free phone consultation will help in determining if this service is right for you.

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